In Memory

August 7, 1916 – February 17, 2009


After organization of the church in 1952, Bro. G. C. Kelly was called to serve as pastor. Prior to this, Bro. Kelly had preached for about six years and had served other churches in our area, some full time and others part time. He faithfully served the church at Eddy until his death in Feb. 2009.

Bro Kelly was a true, God called, Spirit led preacher who fulfilled the calling to “feed my sheep”. He fed the church at Eddy with knowledge and understanding. He watched for our souls and was not afraid of man. He was a champion for right in our community. He had a brilliant mind and studied to show himself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,rightly dividing the word of truth. He willingly oversaw our church and did it with joy.

Bro. Kelly had such a great impact on this church and community because he proved himself to be a worthy example. He and his wife of 67 years, Nellie Ruth, served the church with their heart and their hands. Their home was always open and they were always busy in service to others.

Bro. Kelly maintained a radio ministry that spanned 46 years. With Nellie Ruth by his side he traveled Alabama and Mississippi several years preaching at Bible conferences. He spent his latter years conducting weekly Bible study at his home for the young men of the church and others who cared to attend.

Though Bro. Kelly is gone from our sight, we continue to sense his influence and hear his words as they echo through our hearts and minds.The church continues to rejoice in our God and “the great love where with He has loved us”. We are grateful for the wonderful examples of Pastor Kelly, his wife, and other faithful members who have gone before.